Microsoft launches another site that won’t convince people to use Internet Explorer

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If there is one Microsoft product that gets hated on the most it is without a doubt Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s browser is consistently the butt of jokes among tech savvy folks. If you are caught using Internet Explorer you can almost guarantee someone will ask “why aren’t you using Chrome or Firefox?” Microsoft has a giant hole to dig out of in order to make Internet Explorer seem like a viable browser.

In the past Microsoft has tried dozen of different campaigns trying to convert people back to Internet Explorer. The latest is, a web portal for showcasing what Internet Explorer can do. Once again, this site does a great job at showing how cool IE can be, and how powerful. Still, we doubt any of these campaigns will have any real impact on people. Internet Explorer is a great browser, but to use the internet today you need more than just a great browser.

What do you think about this campaign and Internet Explorer in general?

  • I haven’t used IE since version 4. I switched to Mozilla Phoenix. I’m a Chrome guy now though.

  • It is infinitely better now than it was back then. I’m sure pretty much anyone could use it as their daily browser if they were forced into it. What keeps me on Chrome is the extensions.

  • timmyjoe42

    Nothing can beat Chrome for the ease of navigation, backups, syncing across multiple machines, integration with extensions, etc. I find internet explorer on Windows 8.1 to be very confusing to navigate if you don’t have the luxury of a touch screen or haven’t gone through the trouble of customizing it to high heaven.

    I’d say that Windows Media Player is an even worse piece of software.

  • Pinto Pinto

    I use desktop IE daily nowadays. Yes, I was one of those guys who yelled at people to switch from IE to anything else. I’ve used both Firefox and Chrome daily. But I tried to do an experiment with IE. The experiment was to use IE for a whole two weeks, to see how good/bad it was. Things is, I found my mouse cursor gravitating towards the IE icon faster than to the other two. I’ve actually -tried- to go back to Firefox, but IE just seems faster and more focused. It’s also the prettiest of the bunch. I just found that nowadays extensions aren’t really important for me.
    The only thing I miss is adding custom search engines from any site I want.

  • wizll

    IE10/11 have been way faster as firefox and chrome has continued to get more bloated. I pretty much don’t use firefox unless I need to use it for debugging these days. that one is the most bloated these days. These days, it’s a toss up between IE and chrome for me.

  • Donovan Shore


  • pirate78

    I didn’t need convincing. I bought a Surface2 just because of the modern version of the IE browser. After playing with it at a store, I was very happy with the controls. It is made to be used by the fingers. Comparing Mozilla and Chrome on my wives Yoga 13 in tablet mode, the browsers felt sluggish, took up more of the screen’s real estate, and made you work when performing basic functions such as back and forward.