Windows 8.1 Update 1 screenshots show Metro and desktop playing nice


With the Windows 8.1 update out the door Microsoft has been hard at work on “Update 1.” This is the next update for Windows 8 that should further improve the experience. Screenshots for Update 1 have started to pop up, and they show off some welcomed new features. The most notable is what appears to be Modern apps being pinned to the taskbar.

The new option in the settings says “Show Store apps in the taskbar.” This will make it easier for mouse and keyboard users to switch between desktop and apps without using the screen gestures and hot corners. Hopefully this is the first step in allowing Store apps to run in the desktop. That feature has been rumored for Windows 9, which is coming in April 2015. Microsoft is expected to show more of Update 1 in April of this year.

Do you want Store apps in the desktop? Would you use this new feature?

[via The Verge]


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