Nokia quarterly results show slight dip in Lumia sales

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Earlier today Nokia announced their quarterly financial results, including Lumia sales. Nokia has seen improved Lumia sales in each of the last five quarters. Did they continue that success in Q4 of last year? Unfortunately, it looks like Lumia sales were slightly down last quarter. In Q3 2013 Nokia sold 8.8 million handsets worldwide. Last quarter it was down to 8.2 million.

nokia q4 13 results

That’s still respectable amount of sales, but it’s disappointing considering all the holiday shopping last quarter. The good news is they practically doubled the amount of sales from Q4 2012. Last year as a whole was a very good year for Lumia sales worldwide, and we even saw a little growth here in the U.S.

This may be the last time Nokia shares Lumia sales numbers. By next quarter Microsoft should have the Nokia hardware acquisition finalized. No matter whose name is on the phone we hope to continue to see good growth from Windows Phone’s biggest manufacturer.

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