6snap update allows viewing snaps without pressing

6snap screens

Just when you think Rudy Huyn can’t add anything more to an app he goes and does something great. Rudy has just updated his awesome SnapChat app, 6snap, with a smart new feature. Version 2.4 allows users to view snaps without holding your finger on the screen assuming you have GDR2 or above.

Holding your finger down to view a snap is an official SnapChat feature. Sometimes it can be annoying because your finger blocks part of the photo/video. ¬†You can enable this feature in the settings. Since you don’t need your finger on the screen you might think you can take screenshots now, but Rudy still has it protected.

Other additions in this update include the new SnapChat security captcha and performance improvements. 6snap is available for free from the Windows Phone Store now. Download today and start snapping!

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