Extra! Official Huffington Post app for Windows Phone launches


The official Huffington Post app for Windows Phone 8 is finally here. The Huffington Post is a popular news aggregator website that covers politics, sports, entertainment, technology, and lifestyle. The app displays their wide variety of content in a simple and clean interface that will make Windows Phone users happy. Unfortunately it falls short on promised features.

In the app description HuffPo mentions real-time updates and the ability to share stories. Both of these features are either hidden or missing. There are also many problems with comments on stories. Even the design of the app, while simple and clean, seems to take a lot from Bing News.

Currently the app does a decent job at displaying stories and letting you choose sections. If you need a barebones HuffPo app this is a decent option. We hope Huffington Post updates this app soon with more functionality.

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