Microsoft reports record earnings for Surface and Xbox One

Microsoft Redmond HQ

‘Tis the season for earning calls. Yesterday Nokia revealed a few numbers and today Microsoft is sharing some numbers of their own. For the second straight quarter Microsoft has reported record-breaking earnings. In Q4 ’13 they made $24.52 billion in net revenue and $6.56 billion in net income.

The big release in Q4 was obviously the Xbox One. During that quarter they sold 3.9 million Xbox Ones and 3.5 million Xbox 360s. In the Windows world OEM revenue declined 3% with a 12% growth in OEM Pro revenue. Microsoft Surface revenue doubled from $400 million to $893 million.These are all solid numbers for Microsoft. The PC business may be dying, but for the time being Microsoft is making up for it in other areas.

[via Microsoft]

  • bikdav

    As far as the Surface is concerned, the combination of price cutting and Windows 8.1 must have done the trick. If the new Surface is included in these numbers, I’m even less surprised. The new Surface is quite a device.

  • What they didn’t say (any hard Surface numbers) may be as revealing as what they did. But at least it’s not the disaster the original RT release was.