The most popular U.S. carrier for Windows Phone users is T-Mobile


Windows Phone users often complain about carrier exclusive phones, and rightly so. Most of the time AT&T gets all the latest high-end Nokia Lumia phones and everyone else gets a few random scraps. This might make you think AT&T is the most popular carrier among Windows Phone users, but you would be wrong.

The “uncarrier” a.k.a. T-Mobile is in fact the most popular carrier among U.S. Windows Phone users. This is due in large part to the massively successful Lumia 521. Kantar reports that 68% of Lumia handsets sold in Q4 ’13 in the U.S. were Lumia 520/521. A whopping 45% of those handsets were sold on T-Mobile.

Kantar also reports that Nokia is the top preference for 9 million Americans, but 39 million are considering them. It just goes to show how important low-end affordable phones can be. The Lumia 520/521 has been a mega hit for Windows Phone and Nokia. We hope in continues.

[via Kantar]

  • Charles

    T-Mobile became the Uncarrier BECAUSE OF THE LUMIA 521. The Lumia 521 was THE FIRST SMARTPHONE to demonstrate HIGH END EXPERIENCES on low end devices. Windows Phone rocked it! And with the Lumia 521, A CONTRACT IS NOT NEEDED. The carrier DOES NOT need to subsidize. And people can start living thier lives again, and STOP TAKING OUT LOANS EVERYTIME THIER PHONE FALLS IN THE TOILET. Morons. Grow up people. T-Mobile is the fastest 3G and T-Mobile is the Fastest LTE. Verizon LTE is as slow as T-Mobile 3G. Lame. T-Mobile needs better spectrum to get inside buildings, but they just purchased that the other day. PS – Windows Phone makes the Uncarrier possible. Windows Phone.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Well for once I can agree with an article on here. AT&T may be the prime home for Windows Phones, but AT&T has been shady when it comes to support for the platform. The iPhone and Android has become the become the only platforms they support. Really only the iPhone.
    P.S. Still not letting Microsoft off the hook. They are still the only company I know that gives more support to other platforms then their own.

  • Jim Kaufer

    too bad T-Mobile HATES Nokia Windows based phones *if they didn’t* they would get some new ones ~ I am been waiting to get a new (not last years models) windows phone from T-Mobile but nope, they keep passing them up *T-Mobile are dumb asses*

  • Mark

    so, most popular of the least popular? Sounds like sometimes, most of the time