6tindr is dead: here comes the official Tinder app for Windows Phone

rudy tinder tweet

Last time we wrote about 6tindr it was removed from the Store at the request of Tinder themselves. Rudy Huyn, the developer, spoke to the CEO of Tinder about the situation a few days ago and today he is finally spilling some details. The bad news is 6tindr is gone and will never return. The good news is an official app is on the way and Rudy is working on it.

This is excellent news and the outcome Rudy has wanted all along. Rudy does not only create great 3rd-party apps for missing services, but he is also constantly trying to work with those companies on official apps. His hard work has finally paid off. We can be certain that the official Tinder app for Windows Phone will be great with Rudy on board. If you have 6tindr already installed it will keep working.

[via Twitter]

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