Microsoft officially renames SkyDrive to OneDrive

OneDrive logoAbout six months ago Microsoft lost a trademark case over the name “SkyDrive” to BSkyB, a British broadcasting company. Microsoft was told to change the name of SkyDrive because it would somehow confuse BSkyB viewers.Today they are finally announcing the new name of SkyDrive will be “OneDrive.”

One Drive is the “One place for everything in your life,” says Microsoft. Everything about the SkyDrive branding has stayed the same, including the color and cloud icon. We don’t expect Microsoft to make any big changes to go along with the new name. Everything will continue to work the way you expect. Check out the promo video below for OneDrive.

What do you think of the new name?

  • Poor MS. Metro and now this.

    The Sky thing seems a little stretched, but didn’t anyone research Metro in advance? And did they really try to reach a licensing deal with the German retailer?

    “Modern UI” is so pathetic that even most of the tech press guys won’t use it, sticking to Metro in their commentary.

  • I don’t think the Metro thing is really a big deal. Like you said, everyone still uses “Metro” and everyone knows what you mean when you say it.