Pixel Gun 3D brings Minecraft-style shoot ’em up to Windows Phone


Like Minecraft? Like shooting stuff? Have a Windows Phone? Today is your lucky day. Pixel Gun 3D, a popular first person shooter for Android and iOS, is now available for Windows Phone as well. This game combines the styling of Minecraft with a much more violent (but fun!) tone.

To get started you can customize your character with a few Minecraft skins to choose from. Next you will pick which game mode you want to play. The options include Survival, Deathmatch, and Co-op. Each mode can have up to 10 people competing against one another online. Like any good shoot-em-up game there are a variety of maps and weapons to choose from. You can even create your own “server” for a game.


The controls in Pixel Gun 3D are pretty standard for a touchscreen shooter game. The left virtual joystick controls movement while the right side controls looking, shooting, and switching weapons. It works about as well as you can expect. Pixel Gun 3D is available now for $0.99 from the Windows Phone Store. With the multiplayer options and great graphics this is a great game for $1.

download WP[via wpc]


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