[Results] Notification Center is your most wanted Windows Phone 8.1 feature


Yesterday we asked you “What Windows Phone 8.1 feature are you most excited for?” and today we are going over the results. The feature that won in a landslide was Notification Center. Cortana voice-assistant took second place, followed by independent volume controls, quick settings, and virtual buttons. File Manager was a popular write-in choice.

Everything we’ve heard seems to confirm that a Notification Center will indeed be included with Windows Phone 8.1. Some of the other features we listed are still up in the air. If you’ve ever missed a toast notification from an app you don’t have pinned to Start you know just how important a Notification Center can be. We hope all of you get your wish and the all of these features make it into Windows Phone 8.1.

Poll results can be seen below.

  • rysliv

    I just don’t see how virtual buttons are a feature. Nothing wrong with capacitive buttons

  • vmxr

    cortana if its implemented correctly

  • Milad

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