Lenovo ThinkPad 8: the best 8-inch Windows tablet is now available

Thinkpad 8

Back at CES we showed you the Lenovo Thinkpad 8, an awesome 8-inch Windows tablet. Today, as promised, the tablet has officially gone up for sale for $429. This device is one of our all-time favorite Windows tablets. It has a gorgeous display, beutiful hardware design, and it’s running full Windows 8.1. What’s not to like?

The Thinkpad 8 is the first 8-inch Windows tablet with a 1920×1200 display. It has the latest Intel Atom Z3770  quad-core processor to power Windows 8.1. One of the neatest things is the magnetic cover that can be purchased for the tablet. It hooks to the device similarly to Surface keyboards and it can fold to reveal the camera when flipped around the back. A cool trick.

Other features for the Thinkpad 8 inclulde LTE support, 64 or 128GB of storage, microUSB 3.0, and a microSD card slot. You can order the tablet now from Lenovo starting at $429. This is the iPad Mini competitor we’ve been waiting for. Are you picking one up?


Thanks Mike!

  • Nick Mantzoros

    does it have wacom pen support? I’ve been debating purchasing a winders tablet and would really like the pen support.

  • I don’t think it does.

  • Erick

    No LTE support now…:(

  • bikdav

    The ThinkPad 8 has lots of potential. But, I think that I’m going to pass on it. Like other 8 inch tablets, the ThinkPad 8 is running 32 bit Windows 8 instead of 64 bit. The quad core processor and super high res display is more than I need.

  • bikdav

    According to the Lenovo web-site video, it did not indicate any pen support.

  • Habibul Ehsan

    The device which is selling online doesn’t support 3G/4G, only WiFi

  • timmyjoe42

    What’s the big drawback for the general user to be stuck with the 32 bit version of Windows 8 instead of the 64 bit?

  • bikdav

    You’re asking a very good question. My contention is that many of the other 8 inchers – like the Dell Venue 8 for example – are in the $200 to $350 range. Those run 32 bit. The Lenovo ThinkPad 8 is starting at $429. For $429, I would have expected Windows 8 64 bit along with the high res screen and the quad core processor. The way I see it, the lower priced ones are a better deal for general use.

  • timmyjoe42

    Why would I want a 64 bit machine over the 32 bit? I’m on the fence about getting the Dell Venue Pro 8, and I don’t want to wish I had held out for a 64 bit version.

  • djrbx

    You don’t. Most people want 64GB without really knowing why other than it’s 64GB which should be better than a 32GB processor. The primary reason to get a 64GB processor is to access more than 4GB of RAM. Since these tablets only have 2GB or RAM, a 64GB processor is unnecessary and overkill.

  • dave

    64GB processor?


  • Vernal

    Lenovo are being greedy. They were quite clear about the price at CES: $399. However, due to positive reviews, they’ve decided to bump up the price. They’ve gone beyond the ‘sweet spot’ as fast as I’m concerned. Hello Samsung!

  • blakjedi

    64 bit OS. They are all 64 bit processors…

    You are right that you need a 64bit processor and software to utilize more than 2gb of RAM which no 8″ windows tablet has currently.. which stinks… the sweet spot is 8″, 1920X1200, wacom with stylus, 4GB of RAM, MicroSD, MicroHDMI first to provide that under 499 wins

  • TheHumanOracle

    With full Windows capability, this outclasses the Samsung offerings, and even the iPad Mini (which can’t be used as a full replacement for work), and still lower in cost than the iPad Mini. The Lenovo Mix 2 can be had for a s$299 for a slightly less professional option.

  • TheHumanOracle

    Why do you need 64bit OS on this?
    SPECIFICALLY what app is it that requires this?

  • MTR

    Because AFAIK connected standby isn’t working for 64-bit Windows and it’s such an important part of the tablet experience they have to ship 32-bit instead.

  • Cerebral Cortex

    Per the Lenovo website: The Thinkpad 8 starts at $399 for 64GB version. No LTE version yet.

  • Darkie One

    is it 64 bit? will it run windows 8 pro?