Lumia Black update approved for the AT&T Lumia 920 and 820


The Lumia Black update has been rolling out to Nokia phones for a few weeks now. Sadly, one of the most popular Windows Phone devices is still without the update. AT&T has been taking their sweet time to send the update out to the Lumia 920. For some reason it has been sent out to the 1020 and 925, but not the 920 or 820. What gives?

The good news is Nokia’s update page has just been update to show that the Lumia Black update has been approved for the Lumia 920 and 820. This meas it should be sent out very soon to devices. The devices that are still waiting for approval include the T-Mobile 521, Aio 620, Verizon 822, T-Mobile 925, and Verizon 928. Hopefully all of these devices see their update soon

Are you running Lumia Black yet? What phone do you have?

[via WPDaily]

  • Tal69

    It’s about time. Needs to be here before end of the week. Microsoft pushing to have it on US phones before January ends. Should be a banner year for forward progression and platform development. Can’t wait. I still want an ATT Quad Core with 5″ HD Screen and built in qi charging.

  • Pookiewood

    I agree with your phone choice. Not leaving my 920 until such a device is available on AT&T. The 1520 is nice but too huge.

  • ehren

    So here’s the catch, the 1020 and 925 are newer phones right. Did some research on AT&T they come with the new operating system installed on them unlike us who have to update to it.