Microsoft shares Bing trends for Super Bowl Sunday


Did you know there is a big game this Sunday? Some would even call it “super.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about maybe you should do a Bing search to find out. A lot of people have been using Bing to find information about the Super Bowl and the teams and players involved in it. Microsoft has used those searches to provide some cool insight.

The chart of the U.S. you see above shows how much people in certain states search for the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos. In most states one team barely edges out the other, but in states close to Washington and Colorado there is more disparity. It’s interesting that people who live close to the teams are searching for them more. It’s probably related to a sudden increase in buying team merchandise.

The Seahawks as a team received 26% more searches than the Broncos. Denver quarterback Peyton Manning received 72% of searches between him and Seattle QB Russell Wilson. Off all the searches that Richard Sherman received this year, 81% happened after the NFC Championship game. Between the two running backs, Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch narrowly edged Knowshon Moreno with 52%.

That’s how the Super Bowl looks on Bing. Are you surprised by any results? Who do YOU want to win?

[via Bing]

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