Bing Food & Drink is now served for Windows Phone

Bing Food Drink

Microsoft added a few new Bing apps with Windows 8.1. One of those was Bing Food & Drink. The app makes it easy to search for recipes, choose a wine for dinner, and learn how to cook. Many of the Bing apps that started on Windows 8 have been ported over to Windows Phone. Today Microsoft has done that once again with Bing Food & Drink.

The Windows Phone app has many of the same features as the Windows 8.1 app. You can create grocery lists, view recipes, research wines, and find cocktail instructions. The only thing this app is missing is the cool Kinect-like gestures from the Windows app. The grocery list aspect makes this app especially useful and handy. If you’re been looking for a simple no nonsense food app this is the one for you. Download below for free.

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