Windows Phone 8.1 volume controls leaked for the first time


Well, look what we have here. More Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots have been leaked, and like the one we posted earlier this week, this one is legit. The screenshot above was posted by Tom Warren on Twitter. What you’re looking at is a screenshot of the new independent volume controls in Windows Phone 8.1. Let’s dissect this image.

The two obvious things to note are the dual sliders. The top one appears to be for ringtones and notifications while the bottom one is for media and apps. This will allow you to turn the volume up for your favorite song but not give yourself a heart attack when the phone rings later on. In the bottom left there is a mute button which could also be used to enable vibrate. Lastly, the bottom right has a shortcut to settings.

What do you think? This looks like what everyone has wanted for a long time. Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be a very big update. We’ll keep you posted on everything we can find.


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