Windows Phone and Nokia have more interest than the iPhone in emerging markets


A recent survey has found that Windows Phone and Nokia are gaining popularity in emerging markets. In some countries they are even overtaking the iPhone and Samsung. The survey was conducted by Jana Mobile with results from 1,500 panelists from 9 countries. The first question asked “what OS will your next mobile phone have?”


As you can see in the chart above, Windows Phone was the second choice for three countries. iOS was also second for three countries. Windows Phone was the third choice for three countries as well. Android is obviously dominating in this space. The next question was more specific: “what brand of mobile phone will you buy next?”


Here we can see Nokia is the top choice for four countries, just barely edged out by Samsung with five. Nokia made up for it by edging out Samsung for the second choice. It’s not surprising to see Nokia and Samsung duking it out. Samsung dominates Android, which was very popular in the previous chart, and Nokia has the Lumia 520.The future seems solid for Nokia and Windows Phone.

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