Best Windows Phone apps & games from the month of January

best apps Jan

Can you believe we already a month into the new year? It’s true, and in the last 31 days we have gotten much more than just a new year and a terrible Polar Vortex. A very nice list of new Windows Phone apps and games arrived in January. Hopefully as the hot app releases can warm up the weather in February as well. Below is a list (in alphabetical order) of the most notable app releases from January. Enjoy!


8list is the first officially licensed Craigslist app for Windows Phone. You can manage favorite lists, track items you’ve seen, see what’s new, contact cards for getting in touch with a seller, live tiles for many different things, and much more.

App Folders

nokia app folders

Nokia App Folders works pretty much exactly how you would guess. First you name the folder, then you select the apps to be in the folder, lastly you pin the folder to the Start Screen and it can be launched quickly to see the selected apps. Until this feature is built-in this app is a good replacement.

Barclays Mobile

Barclays is a popular bank in the UK with headquarters in London. This app has been wanted for long time by UK Windows Phone users. With Barclays Mobile you can do things you would expect, such as manage your account, transfer money. make payments, and find the nearest branch or ATM.

Beats Music

Beats Windows Phone

At launch Beats Music has over 20 million songs to choose from. Where the service really shines is when you don’t know what song to choose. “Just For You” displays a mix of albums and playlists that have been picked just for you. “The Sentence” allows you to make your own mixes with a simple sentence like “I’m [at a party] and feel like [BBQing] with [my BFF] to [dance pop].”

Bing Food & Drink

Bing Food Drink

The Windows Phone Bing Food & Drink  app has many of the same features as the Windows 8.1 app. You can create grocery lists, view recipes, research wines, and find cocktail instructions. The only thing this app is missing is the cool Kinect-like gestures from the Windows app.


Back in October the popular movie info and ticket site Fandango had their app removed from the Store. They have finally fixed all the issues that were making users upset and have re-released the app to the Windows Phone Store. That’s pretty much all that has changed in this update. Fandango hasn’t added many features since the app was released, and this time is no different.

GTA San Andreas

gta san an

San Andreas was one of the best games around before Grand Theft Auto V arrived and amazed everyone. GTA: San Andreas encompasses Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. For the mobile game they have remastered the graphics with much more detail.

Huffington Post


The official Huffington Post app for Windows Phone 8 is finally here. The Huffington Post is a popular news aggregator website that covers politics, sports, entertainment, technology, and lifestyle. The app displays their wide variety of content in a simple and clean interface that will make Windows Phone users happy.


MOLOME is a photo sharing service similar in a lot of ways to Instagram. There are a plethora of social networks that you can hook up to and find friends. The photo editor in MOLOME has 13 filters, brightness, zoom, borders, rotate, contrast, and stickers. After a rocky launch the app has been fixed.


path screens

Path originally launched in 2010 for iOS and Android. It may seem like just another social network, but it has some unique features. Path is a private social network that lets you specifically choose who can see your stuff rather than choosing who can’t. You can post photos, audio messages, text posts, and stickers.

Pixel Gun 3D


Pixel Gun 3D, a popular first person shooter for Android and iOS, is now available for Windows Phone as well. This game combines the styling of Minecraft with a much more violent (but fun!) tone. The options include Survival, Deathmatch, and Co-op. Each mode can have up to 10 people competing against one another online.

Quiet Hours

Ever wish you could silence your phone for a specific period of time every day? Sure, you could go and silence each app one by one, but who wants to do that? Quiet Hours is a simple app that allows you to choose a time to silence all notification sounds.

Runstastic Fitness Apps

runtastic apps

The four new Runtastic apps are for Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, and Squats. The design of all four is beautiful, and the functionality is powerful. Each app has several great features that will help track, motivate, and share your exercises.

What are your favorite apps from January?

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