[Deal] Microsoft Surface Pro for just $499 from Best Buy

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The Surface Pro is one of the best hybrid Windows 8 devices on the market. It’s a great tablet and a powerful PC. The original Surface Po has since been replaced by the Surface Pro 2, but it is still a very capable device. Best Buy is offering the original Surface Pro for just $499.

The original Surface Pro is largely the same as the new model except for two difference. You don’t get the adjustable kickstand and Haswell processor. Still, you get Intel Ivy Bridge, 1080p display, 128GB of storage, and full Windows 8.1. Plus, the original Surface Pro isn’t even a year old yet. This is still a great device. Hit the link to Best Buy below to snag this awesome deal.

Best Buy

[via The Verge]


  • JSYOUNG571

    Don’t trust Microsoft to update it. They will make some excuse why the Surface 2 can get an OS update but not the Surface 1.

  • techymexican

    this is pro, not RT. you will always be able to update it. Whether it’ll be free is a real question.