Flappy Bird is coming to Windows Phone

flapp bird

If you have any friends that use an iOS device (and now Android too) you have probably heard of the new hit game “Flappy Bird.” This new game has temporarily made everyone forget about Candy Crush with its insane difficulty and addictive nature. The developer has said on Twitter he will bring it to Windows Phone.

At first glance this game seems overly simple and unoriginal, but don’t be fooled. The goal of the game is to fly as long as you can without hitting obstacles. The only control you have is tapping the screen to make the bird flap his wings. The difficult part about the game is how each flap propels you almost too much. It’s all about timing your flaps perfectly.

When I say this game is hard I’m not joking. My current high score is 7. That means I only passed 7 obstacles. Don’t laugh until you try it yourself. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for the Windows Phone version to arrive. Games like this don’t stay popular forever.

[via Reddit]

  • windows phone sucks

    Why is the windows phone so forgotten when it comes to apps, I really am debating on trading my phone for iOS, you know its getting ridiculous when we only have temple run 1

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    I have Temple Run 2 on my WP.

  • f**ck windows phone

    Windows phone really pisses me off with apps. That’s it, I’m switching to Android

  • Nia

    So what day is it coming out???

  • Ay


  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    I.. downloaded it from the WP store.

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    I have yet to come up with an app or something I need an app for and not been able to find something that does what I need. I don’t understand what people are having trouble finding, beyond games.

  • Ay

    There’s no temple run 2.

  • Jdawg Laurence

    OMG a new ecosystem has fewer apps than 2 long-time established ecosystems! Who woulda thought?

  • Jdawg Laurence

    Then… why when I look up temple run in my WP store, it shows temple run and temple run 2…?

  • Ay

    I’ve come to the conclusion it’s most probably due to the fact that I have a 512mb ram device.

  • Jeremiah Boeninger

    Really, the blame lies on the consumers for not trying something new. I’m not saying WP is for everyone but the market share is much lower than it should be. And why would developers bother with a platform people won’t bother trying?

  • Asmaa

    Same here, you have no idea how many times I threw my phone!