Windows 8.1 Update 1 will boot to desktop by default, run Metro apps on desktop


It appears Microsoft is once again back tracking on previous features. When Windows 8 was just launched Microsoft had a bold vision for the Start Screen. In every update since then they have made the Start Screen less and less prominent. In Windows 8.1 they added the option to boot to desktop instead of the Start Screen. Now it appears they will make that the default setting.

This move is yet another to appease desktop users. Hopefully this is the default option on desktops while tablets still boot to the Start Screen. It would be smart of Microsoft to start treating the various types of devices differently. People on a desktop want different things from a tablet user. The changes to the desktop don’t end there.


Some new screenshots have shown Metro apps running in the desktop environment. This is something that we’ve heard about in the past, but this time there is something new and interesting. The Metro apps have a new bar across the top with icons for settings, minimize, and close. Are you a fan of these new changes?

[wzor via The Verge]

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