Jolly Fish gives Windows Phone users their Flappy Bird fix

jolly fish screen

The most popular (and despised) mobile game right now is Flappy Bird. This extremely difficult and highly addictive game has taken iOS and Android by storm in just about a week. The developer has said Flappy Bird will be coming to Windows Phone very soon, but if you’re impatient we have just the game to tide you over.

Jolly Fish looks like a pretty standard Flappy Bird clone, but it’s actually really well done. The gameplay is the same as Flappy Bird: simply tap the screen to make the jellyfish jump up. The goal is to make it through as many gateways as possible. Sound easy? Talk to us when you score over 10.


In some ways this game is actually better than Flappy Bird. The gateways have lines that tell you when you get a point, and if you hit a wall you can actually still get the next point with your momentum. Physics! Jolly Fish has cool graphics, nice music, and it retains the craziness of Flappy Bird. Download it below for free.

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  • WP8FTW

    Scored 10! Woop!

  • Nayara Coca

    hard as hell this game…
    the new update made it more… confuse

    btw, scored 6. in flappy bird I scored 13. Let me cry in the corner a little bit

  • Kay

    My score on Jolly Fish is 35 at mo. It gets faster and faster, it’s well hard! I only got it a couple of days ago tho so hoping to improve. This is better than Flappy Birds and tapping makes him go DOWN nit up like it says above and btw dont pause it cos the second u try to continue the turtle grabs him, game over!
    All the best everyone. Kay in London.