Microsoft shows how Windows PCs are just as affordable as Chromebooks

Microsoft is at it again with their anti-Chromebook message. This time, however, they are not using the term “Scroogled.” Microsoft has released another ad in their new “Honestly” series. This one features a mother and her quest to get cheap laptops for her kids. After some not so subtle jabs at how useless Chromebooks are, she talks about what her sub-$300 Asus laptop can do.

“It’s not like Chromebooks that can’t install Office, or have to be connected to the internet to get much done.”

BOOM, roasted.

The Windows laptop she is talking about is the Asus X200CA ┬áTouch which is available for $279.99. It’s a perfectly capable, thin, and lightweight Windows 8 laptop with a touchscreen. You really can’t beat that with any Chromebook, no matter how cheap it is. Do you like these Honestly ads? Is Microsoft doing a good job at dissing Chromebooks?

  • valas

    Below the article I get Chromebook ad served by Google ;]

  • CAC1031

    Some people just refuse to understand. The real advantages of Chromebooks are not in the price–it’s that they are NOT Windows. Through my year of use with Chrome OS, I have web alternatives, mostly free or at minimal cost, to every computer function I need: Photo, Audio and Video editing, file conversion, presentations, not to mention the office suite within Google Drive. I have freed myself of viruses and corrupted software. Chromebooks are just so fast and hassle-free.

    I realize that Chromebooks are not for certain professionals that for the time being still need local computing power, but to suggest that the average consumer (and kids) would be better off with a computer that gets slow and glitchy so easily, reminds me of when 10 years ago some people were still trying to convince me that film cameras were superior to digital for the masses.

  • Sneaky devils.

  • RobPilates

    “Certain professionals”? Like people who want to use a bloody word processor without having to be online and sharing their world with Google? And you don’t have viruses because Chromebooks have next to zero market share. If that changes, your chromebook will be as vulnerable and as much of a joke as Android. As to slow and glitchy- have you actually tried W8.1? It’s insanely smooth and resource efficient. I will never touch a google product and it’s a shame, but good for Google, that shills like you do their advertising for them. Enjoy your malware, genius.

  • CAC1031

    Well, you have just said you will never touch a Google product so you clearly have no experience with Chromebooks and basis for comparison. Chrome OS does not get viruses because it does not open executable files. It was built with security in mind from the ground up. Its lack of vulnerability has nothing to do with market share. Google offers millions of dollars in incentives to anybody that can find a way into the system—Does Microsoft do that?

    I have not tried Windows 8.1 so I will concede that it is a great improvement over previous iterations of Windows, but it is still vulnerable to viruses, still very slow on low-priced, low-powered machines, and I am guessing, still a big headache to troubleshoot when something goes wrong. I wil not buy another Windows device, and I”ve had many over the years but Chrome OS and similar cloud-based systems are the future.

    Btw, I believe more businesses will start to realize the the can use Citrix, Ericom and other VDI systems with Chromebooks for when they do need more powerful desktop software–this is a more secure solution then letting employees with Windows access the local network.