Watch Satya Nadella on stage with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer [Video]


Yesterday Microsoft officially announced their third CEO in 38 years: Satya Nadella. This was an exciting for tech enthusiasts everywhere, but especially for Microsoft employees. At Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington there was a special “Meet the CEO” event. Nadella had his first chance to speak to the hundreds of Microsoft employees in attendance.

One of the most amazing spectacles from the event was seeing the three CEOs from Microsoft’s long history all on stage at the same time. It was also incredible to see so many Windows Phone devices in one place. Microsoft posted a video clip from Nadella’s speech, he said “this business does not really respect tradition, what it respects is innovation.” What a perfect thing for a new Microsoft CEO to say. Check out the videos below.

  • bikdav

    Only 3 CEOs in 38 years? That is what I call durability. That’s way better than many other companies.