Nokia Treasure Tag app arrives in Store, accessory coming soon

treasure tag screens

It’s  been a while since we last heard about the Nokia Treasure Tag. The Treasure Tag is a NFC-enabled accessory filled with numerous sensors. It’s a small square device that is intended to be attached to things you want to track. We were expecting to hear about the Treasure Tag at Nokia World, but it was never brought up. Now it looks like it might be coming soon.

treasure tag

The Nokia Treasure Tag companion app has appeared in the Windows Phone Store. The app gives us some insight into how the Treasure Tag will work. Nokia says “whether you’ve lost your keys, misplaced your gym bag or forgotten what street you parked on, Nokia Treasure Tag helps you keep track of your belongings.” Here’s how it works:

  1. Put Nokia Treasure Tags on your favorite belongings
  2. Connect tags to your phone via Bluetooth Smart
  3. Your phone alerts you if you’re about to leave something behind

You could put the Treasure Tag on your keys and tell the app to make a sound and vibrate when you leave your keys behind. The app doesn’t always have to alert you when it’s left behind. It can also be used to find things on a map, such as your car. Hopefully Nokia released the Treasure Tag soon. It looks like an interesting little accessory. If you have Lumia Black you can download the app below.

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