‘Casts’ is one of the most beautiful podcast apps for Windows Phone

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There was a time when podcasts were considered an archaic medium, but in the past couple of years they have really come back with a vengeance. Nowadays it seems like every celebrity and website has a podcast of their own (including us!). Windows Phone has a few decent apps for listening to podcasts, and you can even subscribe to some in the Windows Phone Store. Still, there is a lot of room for improvement. Enter Casts.

The Windows Phone Store method is probably the simplest, but it lacks some key features. iTunes has become the favored place to publish podcasts, and the Windows Phone Store just doesn’t have as many. That would be fine if you could manually add RSS feeds, but of course you can’t. This is where Casts really has the advantage.

Casts screens

Before we get into features I have to prove my claim in the title. So many of the podcast apps I’ve tried in the past have looked like garbage compared to Casts. The design is reminiscent of Rudy Huyn apps, which is a very good thing. It has clean fonts, bold cover art, and a very minimal UI. The default color scheme is pink, but it can easily be changed in the settings.

Casts screens 2

Casts is pretty great when it comes to features, too. The “Catalog” page allows you to easily search for your favorite podcasts. Anything you can find on iTunes is available in Casts. All of your podcasts are shown on the “Favorites” page with unlistened episode counts. Episodes are streamed by default, but in the audio player you can download episodes for offline listening. Casts also saves where you stopped listening to an episode so you can pick it up later.

Casts is a relatively new app that has a ton of potential. If you’ve been looking for a podcast app I highly recommend Casts. It’s available for free on Windows Phone 8 devices. Are you a podcast listener? What apps do you use to listen?

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