Everything you need to know about Windows Phone 8.1

WP 8.1 hero

News has been picking up about Windows Phone 8.1. The first reports of what was then called “Windows Phone Blue” started almost a year ago. Now we know the official name of this update, and much more too. A lot has been reported about Windows Phone 8.1, but there have been more fakes than usual with this update. Let’s recap everything we know about Windows Phone 8.1 up to this point.

Rumored Features

  • Notification Center: A central location for all the notifications that appear on your phone.
  • Quick Settings: Toggles to a few common settings, as chosen by the user.
  • Volume Controls: the ability to set different volume for media, ringtones, alerts.
  • Cortana: a brand new voice-assistant to rival Siri and Google Now.
  • Actionable Notifications: the ability to take immediate action without going to the app.
  • Virtual Buttons: OEMs can use on-screen buttons instead of hardware buttons.
  • File Manager: an app to easily see what is stored on your device.
  • Swype-style keyboard: the ability to slide your finger to type.
  • Support for bigger screens and higher-end hardware.

Rumored Devices

There are currently three rumored devices to launch with Windows Phone 8.1. The Nokia Goldfinger, Nokia Moneypenny, and Samsung Huron. All three of these devices are still going by codenames.¬†Goldfinger is expected to ship with a new “3D Touch” feature similar to Samsung’s Air Gesture. Moneypenny is said to have the aforementioned virtual buttons. The Samsung Huron is very much a mystery still, but it should have a 4.3-5-inch display.

Rumored Release Date

The release date for Windows Phone 8.1 is the thing we know the least about. It will most likely be announced in April with immediate availability through the developer program. Sometime after that it will begin rolling out to current devices. Another thing we know is all devices will be getting the 8.1 update. We won’t have another Windows Phone 7.8 situation on our hands.

That is all we know so far. As April approaches you can expect much more info to be revealed, but this is the story right now. Is it enough to excite you?

  • Tushar

    what about sd card support for installing apps and games?