Firefox for Windows 8 finally enters open beta


It has been almost two years since we first wrote about Mozilla’s plan to create a Metro version of Firefox for Windows 8. Since then it has gone from through a dozen different forms of beta and has been delayed several times. The last time we wrote about Firefox it was reportedly delayed until March. Well, next month is March, so it’s time for Mozilla to get things moving.

Today Mozilla has announced “Firefox for Windows 8 Touch Beta” is available for download. This will be the final beta stage before the app gets an official public release. This is a completely touch-optimized version of Firefox. It has support for pinch-to-zoom, swipe transitions, and other gestures. Launching the browser brings up a familiar start screen with tiles for bookmarks and top sites.

This is a Firefox browser, which means you also get tons of other great features like the Awesome Bar and Firefox Sync. If you’d like to try Firefox Touch on your Windows 8 device (sorry WinRT users) you can download it from the link below. Make sure to set Firefox Touch as the default browser in order to use it as a Windows 8 app. I think I’ll keep using Internet Explorer.


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