HTC is the next company to borrow the Windows Phone UI

HTC android UI

When Microsoft unveiled the Metro UI with Windows Phone 7 they inadvertently kicked off the next trend in software design. Ever since that day we have seen companies from every industry adjust their look accordingly. Even Microsoft’s arch nemesis, Google, has been adopting the new style. A recent leak of HTC’s new Android UI shows yet another attempt.

The leak above is from the rumored HTC M8 Android phone. As you can see it looks very Metro. The weather/time widget across the top looks almost identical to HTC’s own Windows Phone live tile. This comes after Samsung showed off a Windows 8-like UI on their Android tablets at CES. How do you feel about Android device taking on the look of Windows Phone? Is this just confusing consumers, or is it working in the favor of Windows Phone?

Original screenshot from @evleaks

  • that_guy

    The clock and weather tile has been apart of HTC phones for many years, even before WP.

  • that_guy

    Imitation is the best form of flattery.

  • I think is bad in one sense for WP because the live tiles are a differentiating factor for MS’s mobile OS, if android devices that are well received and saturate the market adopt this particular advantage there one less reason for uses to switch to WP.

  • Robert

    Looks like a brightened version of Blinkfeed to me which reminds me more of flipboard than WP.

  • Yeah, but it has never looked like this, except on their WP devices.

  • RistoB

    A very annoying one…

  • iLove2argue

    Because they are getting bored of icons that’s why they are imitating the modern style UI of windows. :D