Nokia releases cryptic teaser for new Windows Phone device [Video]

Nokia has just posted a very cryptic and odd teaser video on their YouTube channel. The video is titled “Have you heard what’s coming?” and that is essentially all the video says. The 15 second video simply asks that question and then the sound of a car revving can be heard with the text “see and hear what you’ve been missing.”

The Windows Phone logo at the end of the video confirms it will be a phone, and since the video was uploaded to Nokia US’s account we have a good guess at what this will be. The Lumia Icon has been leaked dozens of times and should be coming out soon. We have reason to believe that this is the device Nokia is teasing. It also has a big 20MP camera, which would go with the “see and hear” slogan.

Nokia doesn’t give any sort of date in this teaser. We still can’t be certain about what device Nokia will unveil, but at least they are admitting something is coming. We’re sure the Verizon customers are tired of playing the waiting game. Let’s hope the Lumia Icon is indeed coming soon. We’re ready to see and hear it.

  • Vitor Salvatore