[Poll] Is your phone running Lumia Black/GDR3?

nokia black

In the last month a lot of phones have been getting updates. Nokia phones have been getting the Lumia Black update while other phones are getting GDR3. Still, some people are stuck on GDR2. Every once in a while there are reports on what percentage of Android users are on the most recent version. We thought it would be cool do something similar.

Let us know in the poll below if you are running Lumia Black or GDR3. If you’re still stuck on something older let us know what phone and carrier you have in the comments! Hopefully most of you are running up-to-date software. Lumia Black and GDR3 add some great features, and a lot of new apps are requiring this version of Windows Phone. Let us know in the poll below!

  • Asjid Mehmood

    I update my Lumia 720 to Lumia Black Update everything is ok but my here maps are not working since i update my phone what i do?

  • ROK

    Re-load HERE maps