Flappy Bird Lives! But only on Windows Phone

The smash hit Flappy Bird has had quite the roller coaster ride, going from general obscurity to earning $50,000/day almost overnight. The game’s developer hasn’t coped well with its success, and after having a public meltdown on Twitter, has followed through with this promise to remove Flappy Bird from the Google Play Store and iTunes.

But Flappy Bird flaps on… you can still download Flappy Bird on the Windows Phone Market.

Flappy Bird Windows Phone

The game’s developer had earlier promised to bring Flappy Bird to Windows Phone and it came to fruition from developer IG Mobile, last updated on February 6th.

It’s unclear if IG Mobile is the same developer: the official developer of Flappy Bird is named Dong Nguyen and he publishes his games on Android and iOS under the company name Dot Gears. Further more, on Friday, only 24 hours prior to declaring their eventual removal and after the game was already available on Windows Phone, Nguyen apologized to Flappy fans that the WP version of Flappy Bird was not yet ready.

Dong Nguyen Windows Phone

If the game is an unsanctioned clone – and it likely is – I’m not so sure Windows Phone fans need worry it will disappear from the market. Considering the developer is foregoing a fortune by removing his game from Android and iTunes, I doubt he would put forth the effort to have a copycat removed from Windows Phone.

So go forth! Download Flappy Bird for Windows Phone and brag about your high score in our forums!

[Via Windows Phone Forums]

  • svggarden

    Fake! Check out the developer… not Dong Nguyen

  • Nathan

    I believe Nguyens is also on the windows store. There are 2 versions of the game, 1 from IG Mobile(clearly fake, it plays like crap too and sounds way different), and there is another now, I believe uploaded after the first that is from Zodo Studios and it plays very very similar to the one I had on my android phone before it was removed, the flapping animation is a little more jerky, but I assume that’s from it being a different OS.