OneDrive branding and new “co-owners” feature revealed in update


Microsoft is currently in the process of switching SkyDrive over to some new branding. A new name is not the only thing that will be added to SkyDrive. The first screenshots of Microsoft’s new OneDrive branding have started popping up, along side a new feature called “co-owners.”

Obviously we can see the new “OneDrive” logo in these screenshots. It’s exactly the same as the SkyDrive logo, but with the word “One” in place of “Sky.” The bigger story here is the new co-owners feature.¬†Microsoft is taking on Google Drive with shared folders. You can add people to existing folders and invite people when creating new folders. Members of the folder will be able to view, add, edit, and delete files.

This is a very critical feature for Microsoft to add. Office apps have been known for their productivity features, but Google has been dominating with Docs for teams. It’s time Microsoft started taking this seriously and offer great teamwork tools for free. How many of you use Google Drive or SkyDrive?

[liveside via MS News]

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