Swype-style keyboard coming to Windows Phone 8.1

wp 8.1 keyboard

One feature that holds a lot of people back from switching to Windows Phone and even iOS is 3rd-party keyboards. Android allows users to download keyboards from the Google Play Store and easily install them. Some of the popular options include Swiftkey and Swype. The latter has become synonymous with “slide” keyboards, which is apparently coming to Windows Phone.

Tom Warren from The Verge says something similar to the Swype-style keyboard is coming to Windows Phone. This is the type of keyboard that allows you to drag your finger over letters to create a word, as shown above. It’s actually a really nice way to enter text, and it comes in handy when you can only use one hand. As we said above, a lot of Android users rely on this feature. Microsoft could sway even more users by bringing something similar to Windows Phone.

Would you use a Swype-style keyboard on your Windows Phone?

[via Reddit]


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