Windows Phone 8.1 could add large tile size to the Start Screen

wp tile sizes

Windows Phone 8 introduced the new small tile size that really opened up the Start Screen to customization. Then Microsoft added the small tile to Windows 8.1, along with a new large tile. Now it seems they may be bringing the large tile to phones as well. According to @Nazwil8, Windows Phone 8.1 will have “Small, Medium, Wide, and Large” live tile sizes.

The big question we have is if this will only be available on 1080p devices with the extra column of live tiles. In the mocked-up screenshot above from a Lumia 1520 it looks pretty nice. On a regular two column layout the large tile would take up half of the screen. Our guess would be Microsoft saves it for 1080p displays, but hopefully they let all screen resolutions use it. After all, if someone wants half their screen to be a live tile they should be allowed to do that.

Would you use a large live tile size? What apps would you want to use it with?


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