Bing now converts currency to Bitcoin

bing bitcoin

Bitcoin and other digital currency is all the rage these days, so naturally Bing is getting in on the trend. Microsoft has added Bitcoin conversion to Bing in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. The converter is built-in to the Bing search bar. Just enter something like “1000 usd to Bitcoin” or vice versa and the first result will be the conversion result.

Bing has partnered with Coinbase to make this integration possible. The conversion is done with Coinbase’s Bitcoin-pricing metrics. This feature might seem like a small thing, but Google currently doesn’t have anything like this. For Bitcoin enthusiasts this is a quick and simple tool. Staying on the bleeding edge of technology and culture will help Bing earn the respect of users. Microsoft expects to roll this feature out to more countries in the future.

Are you a Bitcoin fan? Do you have any Bitcoin or other digital currency?

[via Bing]

  • McDonald

    this would be cool if I had any idea how bitcoin worked

  • D-man

    What about dogecoin?