Send in the Flappy Bird clones (and what ones you should play)

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When you’re raking in $50,000 a day you’re going to get a few people trying to get a piece of that pie. When Flappy Bird went viral a crop of clones popped up on every platform, including Windows Phone. The difference with Windows Phone, however, is there was never an official Flappy Bird app. Now since there never will be an official app it’s time to embrace the clones to get our fix.

By definition, a clone is a duplicate of something else. In the case of Flappy Bird clones that could not be less true. Most of the clones are just poor attempts to get you to click on ads. All they want is you to install and open the app once. Other clones actually attempt to recreate the gameplay of Flappy Bird. Some don’t even have ads at all. Here are the Flappy Bird clones you should try.

flappy zodoFlappy Bird by Zodo Studio

This clone is almost identical to the original Flappy Bird game. Same bird, same background, and same pipes. The only thing that seems different is the difficulty. I was able to get 76 in this version, but no higher than 49 in any of the others. This clone also has no ads and you can share scores to Facebook.

flappy igFlappy Bird by IG Mobile

This clone is also close to exact copy of the original. It has all the same elements, but seems slightly easier than the official Flappy Bird games. There are ads in this clone, but they are not obtrusive. You can also share scores with Facebook and Twitter.

Jolly Fish iconJolly Fish by Mintah

If you don’t care about birds and just want similar gameplay Jolly Fish is a good choice. Instead of a bird you get a cute jelly fish, and instead of flapping up he swim down with each tap. This adds a new level of difficulty. There is also a “classic” mode that plays more like Flappy Bird. Jolly Fish has banner ads across the top that sometimes get in the way.

flappfishFlappyFish by Entwickler-X

Last but not least is a combination of Flappy Bird and Jolly Fish. FlappyFish has all the same game elements you would expect, but with a completely different skin. With over 4,000 4 star reviews this is a quality Flappy Bird clone.

If you have any other Flappy Bird clones or similar games that you enjoy let us know below! Now I think we can finally put Flappy Bird to rest. Keep on flapping!

  • originaman

    Jolly fish is fun but I’m done with flappy bird