FlipMag for Windows Phone is a great Flipboard replacement [Video]

flipmag screens

In November we finally saw the long-awaited arrival of Flipboard for Windows 8.1. The natural next question that many people asked was “when would it come to Windows Phone?” There have been a few spotty rumors about that happening, but for the time being we are without a Flipboard app. That’s where FlipMag comes in.

FlipMag is a beautiful news/RSS¬†reader for Windows Phone 8. It has many things in common with Flipboard, but it also stands on its own with some cool features. The design of the app is absolutely gorgeous. After choosing topics you’re interested in FlipMag creates a custom “start screen” with “tiles” for every news source. This screen can be fully customized just like the Windows Phone Start Screen.

flipFlipMag uses a variety of animations to transition between pages. Tapping a tile uses a similar animation to the Windows Phone Start Screen. Swiping through an article uses a Flipboard-like page flipping animation. The coolest animation may be the one used on the article list page. As you scroll up or down the thumbnails from articles move at a different speed. This creates a cool parallax effect (shown at the right).

Like we mentioned above, FlipMag uses a similar news-gathering approach to Flipboard. You choose topics that interest you and FlipMag will curate stories from a variety of sources. You can go into each topic and add or remove sources from pre-populated suggestions or add your own via RSS feed.

We really love everything that FlipMag brings to the table. It has a gorgeous Metro design, beautiful animations, and a feature set that can compete with most news readers. If you’re looking for something similar to Flipboard this is the obvious choice. FlipMag BETA is free in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8 devices.

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