Gallery: Windows Phone 8.1 features on a real phone

windows phone 8.1

In the last few days a plethora of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks have popped up. This is due in large part to Microsoft releasing the WP 8.1 SDK to select developers. Dozens of screenshots have been posted to show off new features. Screenshots can get a little boring after a while, though. We thought it would be cool to put some of the notable new features on a real device to see what they look like. Feast your eyes.

Action Center

wp 8.1 mock 5

This is where all your notifications will be located. A long pull down from the top of the screen will reveal the Action Center. Across the very top of the screen is network name, battery percentage, and date. Below that are four toggles for user-determined quick settings. Underneath that is a “clear all” button and shortcut to Settings. The main section of the screen show notifications categorized by app.

Camera UI

wp 8.1 mock 1

The default camera UI has been given a face-lift. Across the top is a new bar with buttons for lenses, flash, switch camera, and gallery. Across the bottom are buttons for video, photo, and a new burst mode. The viewfinder is smaller in this new UI. We like the full-screen camera mode of the current camera better. If you use Nokia Camera this won’t matter much.

Quick Settings

wp 8.1 mock 2

If you just want to change a few quick settings you can do a short swipe from the top of the screen to see only your four chosen toggles. This also allows you to quickly check the battery level and hop to Settings from anywhere in the  phone. A nifty little trick.


wp 8.1 mock

This is a small change, but it will make a difference. Currently you have to tap the (X) icon to close an app from the multitasking screen. In Windows Phone 8.1 you will be able to swipe the app down to close it, just like in Windows 8.

YouTube + Internet Explorer

wp 8.1 mock 4

It’s hard to tell if this change is due to Internet Explorer or the YouTube mobile site. Devs have reported that YouTube plays embedded in the site instead of opening a full screen video. You can tap the full screen icon in order to see the video bigger. This will make it easier to forget there is no official app available for Windows Phone 8.

What do you think of the new Windows Phone 8.1 features so far? Which one are you looking forward to the most? Do they look good on a real phone?

Screenshots from The Verge



  • Man, Windows 8.1 is looking hella nice. *drool*


  • Abhay

    Nice Screenshots. Look forward to having it on my 920. Thanks Winsource.

  • azaright

    Of all the windows phone fan sites,winsource has compiled this list with a clutter free and a neat presentation,very nice thank you

  • Damon Nevils

    Chris What R U doing Here… “I Kid”
    I just made the switch from Android to WP8 and I have to say save for a few apps/Games WP8 is really awesome….8.1 is taking it to a new level, almost on PAR with the Robot and the Fruit…..Just need that sweet Cortana voice assistant.

  • We will slowly convert Chris. :)

  • Honestly, one day it wont even be about the apps. Sure there are a bunch of apps on iOS but what’s the point in having 5,000,000 apps that you never use?

    I’ve just been waiting on Windows Phone to mature a bit more (which it looks like it’s doing) before finally picking up a WP device.

  • Yat Man

    Still can’t believe there’s no native Youtube app. Lamest intercompany politics every. That said, the rest of the features seem pretty cool and welcome additions.

  • Vince Ciotti

    If Windows Phone 8.1 really takes off and more users come to the platform Google will have no choice but to make native Google apps for Windows Phone.