Nokia shows what makes the Lumia Icon so “Iconic” [Video]

Nokia Lumia Icon

Earlier today Nokia and Verizon officially announced the Lumia Icon. The Icon not only has a unique name, but it also has a unique design compared to other recent Lumia devices. To show off how unique and iconic the Lumia Icon is Nokia has released a promo video to highlight some of the special features.

Instead of the usual poly-carbonate design we’ve seen in almost every Lumia from 800-1520 they’ve used aluminum and ceramic. The Lumia Icon has a metal chassis and curved Gorilla glass around the edges. It is really a gorgeous phone to look at. The specs aren’t bad either. You get a beautiful 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, and 20MP PureView camera. All of this can be yours starting on February 20th for $199.

Who is lining up to buy a Lumia Icon later this month?

  • bobberino

    That is a sexy phone.

  • adam

    only for US?

  • Joe Fedewa

    Yes, only on Verizon.