Microsoft is considering bringing Android apps to Windows Phone and Windows

android on windows

The long-standing problem that has plagued Windows Phone and now Windows 8 is lack of apps. In the past year we have seen both platforms make great strides in filling the “app gap,” but there is still much work to be done. One platform that isn’t struggling with app support is Android. Blackberry once tried to put Android apps on their phones to solve the app problem, and now it looks like Microsoft may be considering something similar.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is seriously considering the addition of Android apps to Windows Phone and Windows. Some people inside Microsoft favor the idea, while others think it will lead to the death of Windows. Companies like Intel and BlueStacks have tried bringing Android and Windows together in the past to no avail.

At this time it is unclear how Microsoft would enable such a thing. The idea is still very much up in the air. This could potentially be Satya Nadella’s first big decision as Microsoft CEO. There is a lot of evidence from companies who have tried similar things in the past. It would be hard for us to see Microsoft trying to go against the failures of companies before them.

What do you think? Android is the most popular mobile OS right now, but Windows Phone is the fastest growing OS. The Windows Store probably needs more apps than the Windows Phone Store, but then again users on Windows have access to many more desktop apps. Is Android the solution we’ve been waiting for?


  • Manwich

    Bad, bad, bad idea. DON’T DO IT MICROSOFT

  • michael99uk

    NOOOOOOOOOOO let the windows store build on its own this is windows, with windows phone 8.1 coming my mouth is just watering. Sincerely the with my region the only app I miss is BBM which is big in my country but I wont die it will come some day windows phone will be perfect. MICROSOFT NO

  • Even as an Android fanboy, I think this would be a bad idea for Microsoft (if they’re even mulling over the idea). Can you imagine all the crappy ports of Android apps that would look out of place on WP? User experience would go out the door, which is the one area WP excels at.

  • Qwopi tech

    Bad idea, the apps are getting better and will continue to get better over time. This is a bad idea.

  • robjackson81

    This would kill the OS. Developers would stop caring. Then Manufacturers would stop caring. Before long, Nokia is making only Android Phones and Windows Phone is gone.

    Since everything is going mobile… you’re then looking at Google making Desktop sotftware and Windows disappearing entirely. Maybe 10 years from that… but I think that’s a legitimate concern.

  • Alex A

    Rather Microsoft should provide special incentives for developers to port their apps to WP this would entice them to also consider the 3rd mobile OS when developing apps and provide Microsoft with a long term benefit for WP.