Get your decoder ring: Nokia is teasing something with SnapChat


Did you know Nokia has a SnapChat account? It’s true, and you can follow them (nokiasnaps) with 6snap. Every once in a while they will send out a snap. Early this morning they sent the cryptic snap above to numerous users. The strange string of numbers seem to be teasing something, but what?

The last three numbers are most likely a date: February 14th, 2014. It’s the “63, 0, 87, 0” that has us really scratching our head. Over on Reddit they have speculating about this all day. Some of the best guesses include a new Lumia 630 and 870. Could Nokia really be releasing two new phones on Friday? The Nokia Moneypenny was rumored to be the Lumia 630 or 635, but we’ve never heard of a Lumia 870.

Maybe it has nothing to do with phones at all. Could they just be teasing the launch of the official SnapChat app? We need your help to figure out this mystery. What do you think Nokia is teasing? Could we be seeing two new phones this week? What does it mean?!

  • bobberino

    I hope it just means snapshot is coming