Round-up of all the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaks

8.1 sdk

Phew. What a crazy week we are having. Over the past couple of days we have learned about tons of new Windows Phone 8.1 features. This is due to Microsoft giving a few developers early access to the WP 8.1 SDK. As soon as these developers got access they started sharing screenshots on Reddit and Twitter. It’s been hard to keep up with it all. This is our attempt to combine it all into one easy to read article.

Leaked Features

  • Battery Power Sense
  • New calendar views
  • Download options in IE
  • Bigger clock on lockscreen
  • Swipe-to-close apps
  • Virtual buttons with custom options
  • OAuth support for Gmail
  • Geofencing
  • Podcasts app
  • New ringtones + sound options
  • Project My Screen
  • Storage Sense
  • Microsoft account sync across devices
  • USB options
  • Separate volume controls
  • YouTube videos play embedded

Microsoft has not included some of the bigger consumer-facing features such as Cortana and the Action Center. Still, there is plenty to salivate over in the SDK. Below we have a giant gallery with screenshots of all the features listed above. If you’d like to see some of these things on a real phone check out our article here. Also, be sure to keep up with all of our Windows Phone 8.1 coverage here.

Screenshots from The Verge and @AngelWZR