[Poll] Which Nokia design style do you like best? Blocky or curved?

icon 1520

For the most part Nokia has a very uniform design language across all of their devices. The classic Lumia design most people think of actually started back with the Nokia N9, just before they started with Windows Phone. Nokia has used that same design, with slight changes, on most of their devices since then. There are a few exceptions, however.

The Lumia 810, 928, and now the new Lumia Icon all have a very different design. They trade the curved edges for flat sharp edges. Some of these models, like the Icon, even use aluminum instead of the standard poly-carbonate. Our question to you today is simple: which design do you like best? The curved look or the boxier look? Or do you want Nokia to start using a completely new design? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

  • I like the curved, but I also like the aluminum. That’s why I have the Lumia 925!

  • pirate78

    I have always liked squares. Blocky for me. I love the industrial look of the Surface.