Skype finally fixes message syncing across devices

improved-chat-4If you use Skype across multiple devices you are well aware of a very annoying bug. Messages have not been syncing correctly between devices. If you use the Windows 8 app and then go to the phone app you have to wait for it to sync up. It can take a really long time sometimes. Microsoft promised a fix for this problem, and today they are making good on their word.

Microsoft has been updating Skype apps on all platforms to address this issue. If you have the updated version you should no longer have any sync issues. Everything that you have seen or marked read should be the same on all devices. The only thing left to do is syncing notifications. If you have a notification on your Windows Phone, but you’ve check it on your PC, that notification should go away. Microsoft is working on it.

As Skype continues to transition to Microsoft’s cloud-powered servers more of these issues will be resolved. Check your favorite app store to make sure you have the latest Skype update installed. Happy chatting!

[via Skype]

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