Why Android apps could lead to the death of Windows Phone

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Yesterday news broke about Microsoft considering the idea of putting Android apps on Windows Phone and Windows. This news was met with almost universal opposition from both the Android and Windows Phone camps. It was a bad idea when Blackberry tried to do it, and it’s still a bad idea now. Android is Google’s Trojan horse, and Microsoft would be inviting it in.

Check out my short little debate on this issue with the guys from Phandroid.

Ecosystem Wars

Microsoft and Google have a¬†tumultuous relationship. All of their big issues can be boiled down to one thing: ecosystem. Microsoft wants you to use Bing, Office, IE, SkyDrive, and Windows Phone. Google wants you to use Google Search, Docs, Chrome, Drive, and Android. They are trying to pull you deeper and deeper into their world until you can’t leave.

Android has helped Google get their services in the hands of millions of people, and as a result their ecosystem is thriving. Microsoft is trying to do the same thing with Windows Phone and Windows 8. There really aren’t many decent options available for accessing Google services, but that would change if Android apps were suddenly available on both platforms.

You might say “what is wrong with giving users more options?” Microsoft has a huge hill to climb when it comes to convincing people to use their services. Google’s brand is much more well-like by consumers. A lot of people will just plain never give Microsoft services a chance. So while it might convince more people to use Windows Phone, they would not be using Microsoft’s services.

Developers, Developers, Developers

The main goal Microsoft would have with this is to fill the “app gap” between Windows Phone and Android. This would indeed bring many more apps to Windows Phone users, but it would also kill Windows Phone apps as we know it. The reason why many developers don’t create Windows Phone apps is because they already develop for iOS and Android. A third OS is just too much.

If a developer can make an Android app and have it be available for Windows Phone too there is zero incentive for him to make a native app. Windows Phone apps are some of the most beautiful apps available on phones today. It just wouldn’t be worth the time for many developers to make two apps when one can do the job. We would just get tons of Android apps until Windows Phone apps are a distant memory.

This is what would eventually kill Windows Phone. Eventually our beautiful devices would be full of Android apps. There would be nothing unique about a Windows Phone. Users would just start buying full-fledged Android phones. Dedicated Windows Phone users would stick to the native apps, but eventually they would be outnumbered.

Do you agree?

Would Windows Phone be destroyed by Android apps? Are they any Android apps you would use on your Windows Phone? Is this a bad idea?

  • mariomenjr

    YES! If Windows Phone is going to run Android Apps, there’s no reason to buy a Windows Phone.

  • Kevin Thomas

    The main reason I picked up a Nokia Lumia 521, as a secondary/testing phone during the holiday sales is because I’ve grown weary of Android in some instances, namely lag, having to constantly customize to get better performance, and no longer being really excited over apps.
    I really don’t want to pick up a Lumia and see Google Play and Android apps, I want something different.

  • Ross Levine

    When Does it change over?

  • Ross Levine

    When Does it Change to Android@disqus_3MqvEOG7EE:disqus @mariomenjr:disqus

  • I am very much happy with the Windows Phone native apps. Yes, they are one of the most beautiful apps available on any platform, iOS apps are also very good in terms of design.

  • Ro

    yes i agreed the above discussion good article dude

  • Kaveramman

    Accept the truth that ugly and useless Windows Phone is about to die. It had to change its name so many times just to get some new people on board.

    Windows CE / Windows Mobile / Windows Phone 7 / Windows Phone 7.5 / Windows Phone 8 …. all failed because they are so ugly and mainly useless.

  • iLove2argue

    maybe ur brain is useless it is not functioning now.

  • Qwopi tech

    Its funny actually, do you actually know what the word “Useless” means? Because I am pretty sure I “Use” (if you don’t understand the context of the word you can look it up” my windows phone constantly, and I actually think its very beautiful and I get very many comments on how beautiful it is. So maybe you should go back to Fifth grade and relearn your vocab.

  • Major Suave

    Quite the contrary. If you can buy a device that runs Office natively and can run Android apps or a device that runs Polaris office and Android apps, which one will you want?

    It sure does depend on who you are and what you do but businesses will very likely go with native Office support.