Windows Phone 8.1 supports browser uploads, multiple Google Calendars, and more

8.1 sdk

We return you to your regularly scheduled Windows Phone 8.1 leaks. So far this week we have learned a great deal about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone update. After they released the SDK to a few developers the leaks started pouring in. They have slowed down a little bit now, but we still have a few new things to show.

Browser Uploads

8.1 upload

If you’ve ever tried to upload anything to a website with IE on your phone you know that it’s currently not possible. In Windows Phone 8.1 you can finally do it. When a site wants to let you browse for a file to upload you will see the screens above. It will ask what app you would like to get files from, and then take you to that app. Very nice.

Google Calendar

8.1 gcal

Back in the day Google ended support for Exchange ActiveSync and effectively killed Google Sync on Windows Phone. They now use CardDAV and CalDAV, which Microsoft supports in Windows Phone 8 GDR2. Unfortunately, users still can’t access multiple Google Calendars in the stock Calendar app. As you can see in the screenshots above, this is now possible in WP 8.1.

Universal Store Apps


Developers will now be able to easily make apps that work for Windows Phone and Windows. The leaked slide above details how developers can do this. The apps will share 80% of the same XAML, which leads just 20% of custom code for each platform. Once you create the app developers will get two AppX packages to submit to the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store.

What do you think about these three features? Are you salivating over Windows Phone 8.1 yet?

[via WPHacker and Neowin]


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