IE 11 in Windows Phone 8.1 can finally remember passwords


The hits just keep on coming. We’ve been seeing Windows Phone 8.1 leaks all week-long, and today is starting just the same. This time we are talking about the web browser. Internet Explorer has taken a lot of flack for lagging behind other mobile web browsers. Microsoft looks to be adding some critical new features with IE 11 in Windows Phone 8.1.

One of the biggest new features is the ability for IE to remember passwords and login info. When you log in to a website you will see the pop-up above. You can then tell IE to remember the password for that website and all other websites if you choose. This will be a very welcomed feature. Hopefully they also include sync across desktop and tablet versions of IE.

Yesterday we also wrote about some new features in IE. You will be able to upload files to websites from IE 11. This has been a very annoying thing to deal with, just like the password issue. Microsoft is finally putting some polish on Windows Phone. All of these smaller features combined will make the OS so much easier to use. Have you been missing these IE features?

[via wmpu]


  • John

    But will this really matter? Most websites that require username and password have apps for that. Like Facebook, yahoo mail, twitter, Instagram, etc.. But of course it’s welcome. I just hole they have a simple back button in ie11 because the physical back button doesn’t go to the previous page when you go to another app and come back.