Nokia goes green and drops hints about Nokia X availability

nokia green fb

Well folks, this is it. The evidence has been piling up about Nokia unveiling their first Android phone later this month. So far Nokia has not said a word, or even teased anything, about it. That changed yesterday when all of Nokia’s social media accounts suddenly went green. The shade of green and the timing of all of this point to the Nokia X.

One thing that is interesting about this is the other Nokia accounts that have gone green. Almost all of their country-specific accounts, like Nokia Canada, have gone green. Nokia USA accounts, however, have not changed at all. Some Nokia apps, like MixRadio, have also gone green. All of this evidence supports the rumors of Nokia X features and availability.

We expect this device to be for emerging off-contract markets. It will not be available on any U.S. carrier. Also, in the leaks we saw MixRadio running on the phone. Nokia is giving us more clues with this green out than you might think. In about 10 days we will finally learn everything about this mysterious Android device. We will have people on the ground at MWC to tell you all about it. Do you even care about the Nokia X?

nokia green accoutns

  • Interesting. As some have pointed out on Reddit, there are a lot of things that are green. But when it’s the logo of a major company changing the color to green, you have to wonder — is it simply on a whim? Or could they be hinting at a new device that has been leaked so many times, it’s all but official now. C’mon, people…

  • vita09

    well ill buy one just to tell them that they needed a more open platform. wp 8.1 looks promising, but they should have stuck with meego…