[Poll] Do you want background wallpapers in Windows Phone 8.1?


Among the dozens of Windows Phone 8.1 leaks in the last week there is one comment I have seen a few times: “what about background wallpapers?” There is a small contingent of users that really want to have a background wallpaper on their Start Screen, like in Windows 8. In the past we’ve asked you about this just for fun when there was no chance of it happening. Today we are asking with a slightly higher possibility.

Tom Warren from The Verge sent out a couple tweets earlier today of a Windows Phone Start Screen with a background wallpaper. He accompanied those tweets with some cryptic messages and smiley faces. We’re not sure if these are just mock-ups or actual screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1. Right now we are playing it safe and assuming they aren’t real.

So why are we doing this poll? Last time we asked the question most of you were against the idea. Tom’s screenshots have brought the idea up again. Are you still against background wallpapers? Or do you want to deck your phone out in as many ways possible? We are of the opinion that if it’s an option everyone can do what they want with it. What do you think?


  • I can understand why some people are against the idea. It can definitely make the Start Scree look ugly, but then again if that’s what the user wants it is their choice.

  • pirate78

    I think choice is always welcome.

  • I am very much happy with the black/white background. Even if Microsoft introduces this feature there should be an option to turn if off.

  • mariomenjr

    YEEEEEEEEEEEES! A custom background as on Windows 8.1!

  • Pat

    It’s an obvious yes. At the very least, we should have the option of changing the color of the start screen background.

  • that_guy

    Yes this is a must.

  • Nick Mantzoros

    more choices = better consumer satisfaction

  • Ivica

    More options is always better.

  • Martin Anderson

    I think I would prefer A choice of background colours, rather than an image choice. But if image was the only option, I would do what I do in Windows 8, and use colour gradients as my Start Screen/Desktop background

  • Saeed Ebrahimi

    I think the appearance system in Windows 8 would be very nice with the ability to change colors too

  • Max H

    I like the foreground tile pictures that they’ve introduced. However, it would be nice if you could also have a background; you could put a different color, or a pattern, or a picture if you want solid tiles (I’m not sure how good two different pictures would look).